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One of the most widely reported building defect nowadays are water leakage reports. There are a variety of different reasons that can cause water leakage, such as faulty hardware, old parts of just defected circulation system. But one thing which all of them result in is how destructive it can be for your property. Most people tend to ignore the issue thinking that a few drops of water do not matter. But if that continues for an extended period of time then it has the potential to greatly cause damage to your property.

In order to avoid water leakage it is crucial that you take the necessary steps, otherwise it could put a great impact on your pocket in the future. If you are wondering what could possibly water leakage do to your property then here are some reasons why it can be harmful.

Structural Damage

Water leakage for an extended period of time can significantly damage the structure of your home, one must never underestimate the power of water. If water keeps on dropping at the same spot for an extended amount of time then it is highly likely to cause damage to the structure and make it weak. That is one of the primary reason why good water circulation is greatly emphasized at the time of construction, because one faulty pipeline could completely destroy the structure from the inside.


According to water leak reports one of the most frustrating problems it causes is rust. It is well-known and proven that if something is exposed to water for an extended period of time then it is likely going to catch rust. Not only does it significantly decrease the value of your property, but the part that catches rust has to be replaced to which can ultimately add up to your expenses. If you are interested about water leak reports you can visit this website https://www.hydromedial.com.au/water-ingress.html.

Mold Growth

Water is one of the primary reason for mold growth. Often times water leakage found inside the kitchen can result in mold growth. Most of the cabinets and other furniture inside the kitchen are made of wood so they are quick to catch mold. Not only does it promote an unhygienic environment but mold can also be a nuisance to deal with.

Often times people ignore how severe of an issue water leakage is, until it becomes too difficult to deal with after damaging the structure of the property. That is why make sure you deal with it as soon as you see the first signs of water leakage, and cut the water supply until you get in touch with professionals such as the Hydromedial Consultant Group. They have been dealing with building audits Sydney from years and possess the expertise required to ensure that all the defects of your property are efficiently taken care of.

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