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Designing a community and city needs a lot of planning. It cannot be done through expert advice and insights. As urban planning is complex and there are hundreds of area which needs to be covered under urban planning. Urban design consultants AKL professionals mandatory for sound urban planning and no project can be completed without their input. 

In urban planning, the RMA practitioners are the real brain behind the project. The RMA stands for Resource Management Act planning. The RMA practitioners are trained to plan the project meets all the legal and compliance requirement. The role of RMA planning NZ is very wide and they have to wear many hats during the project. They are in one sort of work as an advocate for the owner of the urban project. The acquisition of RMA services is critical for project success. There are some jobs done by RMA professionals;


  1. Whenever you are planning an urban development project. You will be shocked to see the list of the department whose consent is needed to kick-off the project. Every department has different requirements and forms to be filled. Each form needed a various set of documentation for completion. These are called as resource consent applications. If you are not expert in filling these applications and then RMA professional is the key for them. They will help to complete all the resource consent application for local authorities. 
  2. RMA professionals help their client to conduct due diligence of the project. They will be visiting the anticipated site and also prepare the feasibility for their clients. On the basis of feasibility, RMA professional will suggest their client take the project or not
  3. RMA professional will also help their client to understand the regulations by local authorities and other legal requirements that need to be fulfilled before commencing the project. Even they can help to share the environment impact of the project
  4. In case, if your project gets challenged in court, local council or due to environmental issue. The RMA practitioner can help you develop a strong case with the help of evidence, showing the compliance of your project towards the legal or environmental requirements. As RMA professional is adept of these types of scenario, so they can understand the sentiment of local authorities or court, advise their client accordingly. 
  5. If there are any disputes between your client and the local authorities. This disputes can be at planning level or later. The role of RMA professional is also to work as a mediator for both parties to resolve the dispute amicably. 

These are some of the services given by RMA professional, whenever you plan for any urban project, always start by consulting RMA professional.

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